Return Policy and Withdrawal

A. Products purchased through can be returned in the following cases:

1. Received product is inoperable for the first 24 hours after reception

If you find that the final product is not operational within 24 hours of the date of reception, you may request within that time to replace it with a functional product. In this case, all return or delivery costs of the new product will be taken over by;

2. The product or products have been delivered to you incorrectly

If you have received a product other than specified in your order, you may request the replacement of the wrongly delivered product with the correct one. All return or delivery costs of the right product will be taken over by;

3. Products with technical specifications that do not correspond to those presented on

In the unlikely event that the purchased product does not meet the technical specifications presented on the site, you may request the return and replacement of the product with the correct one or you may request the full refund of its value. All return or delivery costs of the correct product will be supported by

B. Products purchased through can be subject of return to the following conditions:

1. The products will be returned in their original, undamaged original packaging, together with all the accessories and original purchase documents. If these conditions are not met, the return will not be accepted.

2. For products where unauthorized interventions as scratches, shavings, blows, mechanical / electrical shocks and products lacking accessory have been performed, the return will not be accepted.

3. If returned products have been accompanied by any gifts or bonuses, they must also be returned in their original state.

C. Giving up right of products purchased through

Under the current legislation, the giving up purchased right is only applicable to individuals. The consumer has the right to notify the trader in writing that he or she cancels the purchase without penalty and without invoking a reason, within 14 days of receiving the product.

Withdrawal within 14 days may be subject to the following conditions:

    Only for products delivered through courier services.

    The returned product must be accompanied by the original purchase documents (invoice, receipt, guarantee certificate, etc.)

    Any change in the state of the products or the deterioration of their original packaging automatically results in the application of a return procedure subject to administrative charges for the return of the products to the state in which they were delivered. The amount of the administrative fee will be communicated to the customer upon receipt of the modified products.

    Return costs will be charged to the customer and refund of the product's equivalent will be made with a payment order within 14 days of return, regardless of the payment method chosen by the buyer upon purchase.

    If the product is returned to a state where it can no longer be redeemed as a new product, we reserve the right to charge a refund for the initial stage (if possible) or to cover the difference in price resulting from the sale of the product as second -hand or, at the customer's option, we will resend the product at its expense. This clause applies according to O.G. 130/2000, in the case of online purchase of products on the website using remote communication techniques, applying the definitions included in OG. 130/2000 art. 2 but also to the EU Consumer Rights Directive and entered into force on 13.06.2014.

    The consumer can not give up buying for products executed on consumer specifications, on special order or for distinctly personalized products as well as those that by their nature can not be returned or that can be degraded or damaged rapidly.

For any of the above mentioned cases, please fill out the return form here and afterwards you will receive a confirmation email dated and numbered, then your request will be processed. Thank You!