The smoking process on the grill

Grill Smoking is highly appreciated by many users of gas or charcoal barbecues.

If you have a gas grill and you lack the traditional smoke flavor, don't quit because it can be obtained with a stainless steel smoking box suitable for each grill model. The OUTDOORCHEF smoking boxes will be filled with wood chips (oak, apple, cherry, hazelnut, anise, beech) pre-soaked in water so that, by heating, it will generate an aromatic smoke that will be sucked into the piece of meat on the barbecue.

Wood Planks Cedar
119.00 Lei
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CARACTERISTICI PLANSE AFUMARE LEMN CEDRU Continut: 3 x planse afumare lemn cedru Cantitate si ..

Smoking Box Universal
159.00 Lei
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CARACTERISTICI CUTIE AFUMARE UNIVERSALA Material: inox Culori: argintiu Componente si dimen..

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